Europe Coiled Tubing Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014 - 2020)

Category : Environment and Gas
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Ciled tubes are made up f very lw-ally carbn-steel and is needed in il & gas industry during the phase f cmpletin and il recvery. With a large number f il fields maturing, glbal prductin f il vlumes has decreased, cmpanies in the explratin prcess need high-perfrming prducts. With grwing investments in the energy sectr, ciled tubing has large applicatin in prject related t shale gas develpment.

Increasing il & gas explratin and prductin activities, maturing il fields and ge-plitical factrs are key factrs respnsible fr the grwth f the Eurpean ciled tubing market. Decrease in crude il prices, strict gvernment plicies & envirnmental regulatins, and intense market cmpetitin may hamper the grwth f the Eurpe ciled tubing market. The Eurpean ciled tubing market is expected t gain tractin acrss Russia. 

The market is segmented n the basis f types, applicatin and gegraphy. n the basis f types, the market is segmented int well interventin, drilling, and thers. Based n the applicatin, the market is segmented int nshre & ffshre. n the basis f cuntry, the market is segmented int Russia, U.K. and thers.

Key players perating in this market are Schlumberger Ltd., Halliburtn Cmpany, Ciled Tubing Fleet, Cmpany Financials, Cmpany Develpments, MMM Analysis, Baker Hughes Inc., Weatherfrd Internatinal Ltd., Calfrac Well Services, Trican Well Service Ltd. and AKER Slutins ASA.


  • The reprt prvides a cmprehensive analysis f current & future market trends and emerging avenues fr the grwth f the market in Eurpe.
  • The reprt ffers an verview f changing market dynamics in terms f fast turn-arund analysis f stakehlders’ respnses t recent industry plicy changes and market trends.
  • The reprt ffers an insight int cmpetitive landscape in terms f new technlgical develpments, untapped segments, and value chain analysis.
  • This reprt entails the detailed quantitative analysis f the current market and estimatins thrugh 2014 and 2020, which assists in identifying the prevailing market pprtunities.
  • Cmprehensive cverage f prduct apprvals, pipeline prducts, and prduct recalls. 
  • The reprt ffers strategic analysis f financial status f key market players, and highlights market share f key vendrs.
  • The reprt ffers infrmatin n the status f new prjects alng with ffering investment feasibility analysis f the same. 
  • Tls such as Prter’s Five Frces mdel help in understanding the ptentiality f key buyers and sellers. 


Eurpe Ciled Tubing – By Service

Well Interventin

Eurpe Ciled Tubing – By Applicatin


Eurpe Ciled Tubing – By Cuntry


Key Cmpany Prfile

Schlumberger Ltd.
Halliburtn Cmpany
Ciled Tubing Fleet
Cmpany Financials
Cmpany Develpments
MMM Analysis
Baker Hughes Inc.
Weatherfrd Internatinal Ltd.
Calfrac Well Services
Trican Well Service Ltd. 
AKER Slutins ASA.

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