EPR : Prelude to the lean hospital? - Market overview of EPR transformational plans within secondary care

Category : ICT Media  | Published Date : Dec-2013 | Pages : 42
This report is a market overview of EPR transformational plans within the secondary care health market. It is intended both for those currently working with public sector healthcare clients, and those considering this market for the first time.
Kable covers the use of ICT in the public sector across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
In the decade since the inception of the National Programme for IT, not only has technology advanced at a phenomenal pace, but the concept of clinical mobility has extended, with the number of data custodians also having increased considerably. This report considers the transition to next generation EPR solutions, which are positioned as the anchor for an informatics platform to facilitate near real-time diagnostics and mitigate risk. However, those suppliers whose portfolios do not include core EPR or modular offerings should not view the opportunity pipeline as narrow, or consider themselves excluded from the current health dialogue. Although the timings around investment priorities have in one sense been imposed, in ring-fencing one area, other infrastructure co-dependencies have come to the fore, which cannot be dismissed if enhanced functionality and safe care are to be aligned.
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With contextualised examples, this report helps suppliers to: Design their value propositions against the backdrop of the current installed base; Identify openings around associated technologies to exploit; Consider how best to position their solutions in reflection of the pace at which individual trusts can evolve; Assess the mid-term potential, as the universal integrated care model begins to take shape.
Table of ContentsContents 
1 Executive Summary
Electronic patient records anchor the new strategic platform
The DH looks to instil the “two C’s”
The current health dialogue embraces associated technologies
Contextualised vendor opportunity is riper for those who articulate
Trusts are not a homogenous group
Collaborative effort gains momentum
2 Opportunity Pipeline for Suppliers
2.1 EPR as a strategic tool prompts investment in associated technology
2.2 ‘Lean’ should determine portfolio positioning
2.3 Current potential within associated technology
2.3.1 The integrated care model
3 Market Backdrop
3.1 The business case for EPR
3.2 The paperless environment
4 The EPR
4.1 Defining the EPR: the clinical perspective
4.2 Defining the EPR: the operational perspective
4.3 Core EPR Modules
4.3.1 Patient administration systems
4.3.2 Electronic prescribing
4.3.3 Electronic data management systems
4.3.4 PACS/RIS
4.3.5 Clinical noting
4.3.6 Portals
5 The NHS Trust Landscape
5.1 Overview
5.2 Trusts
5.2.1 Acute trusts
5.2.2 Mental health trusts
5.2.3 Integrated trusts
5.2.4 Foundation trusts
6 Procurement
6.1 Current procurement backdrop
6.1.1 Lessons learned is driving better collaboration
6.2 Frameworks offer balanced subjectivityList Of TablesNAList Of FiguresFigure 1: Trusts with a PAS building out towards an EPR within the current planning cycle
Figure 2: PAS and EPR contracts up for renewal post-2014, with selection yet to be confirmed
Figure 3: The largest trusts by FTE 2012/13
Figure 4: The largest acute trusts by FTE 2012/13
Figure 5: The largest mental health trusts by FTE 2012/13
Figure 6: All integrated trusts by FTE 2012/13
Figure 7: Trusts participating in the Southern Acute Programme
Figure 8: Trusts participating in the St George’s framework
Figure 9: Trusts participating in the Camden and Islington framework
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