Digital Dentistry Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2011 to 2017

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Product Synopsis

The markets for the digital dentistry products are highly competitive. The competitive factors are features, reliability, brand name recognition, distribution network, customer service, and price. The product cycles are shortening. Vendors work to develop, complete testing, obtain regulatory approval and sell commercial quantities of new products in a timely manner.

The digital dental CAD/CAM systems, digital dental x-ray, laser, and scanner markets are characterized by changing customer needs. Change relates to efficiencies provided by the technology. As the technology becomes improved, systems are more modern units are offered. Vendors are positioning to extend core technologies to new applications and anticipate and respond to emerging standards, business models, service delivery methods and other technological changes.

Digital Dental CAD/CAM systems are priced to sell equipment and software. Sales include the parts and printing services business. Services suppliers are operating on a local level. Success depends on the ability to enhance existing products and services. New products and services are introduced on a timely basis. Vendors seek to provide cost-effective solutions.

According the Susan Eustis, principal author of the study, “factors driving this market include achievement of higher capability for efficient care delivery by dentists. Fewer visits are needed to install crowns and bridges, creating incentive and ROI for practicing dentists to move to digital dentistry. Increased demand for better dentistry and more aesthetic outcomes is a significant market trend. Systems implementations are dependent on patients having disposable income that they are willing to invest in their teeth.”

Research, manufacturing, and marketing resources are key aspects of market participation.

Dentists use a digital scanner to map out a patient’s dental structure in digital dentistry. The scan is sent electronically to a server where the digital information is processed. Crowns and bridges are made efficiently. The dentist or labs fabricate the crown or bridge restoration according to the doctor’s prescription. The digital process is faster and more precise than traditional methods.

Sub-segments of the global market for dental restorations are in-mouth fillings and out-of-mouth pre-shaped restorations. CAD/CAM-produced ceramic restorations represent a growing portion of the out-of-mouth restoration market. The number of out-of-mouth restorations prepared with CAD/CAM systems has increased substantially. The number of dental practitioners and dental laboratories using CAD/CAM technology has increased and will continue to do so at ever increasing rates of penetration.

Vendors are continuing to pursue a growth strategy that focuses on strategic initiatives:

Build global services 
Accelerate personal and professional 3D printer penetration 
Grow healthcare solutions

The ability to grow 3D content-to-print solutions through global services depends on having trained, capable services representatives all over the world. This is not so easy. The strategy depends on combining organic growth with acquisitions. A services strategy is needed to enable imparting the latest technology to customers Services work may occur months or years in advance of customer abilities to invest in new printers. The opportunity to build brand awareness will pay off in customer loyalty in the long term, only if the brand has superior technology.

Accelerating 3D printer penetration through channel expansion and new products will provide a growing installed base to enable higher revenues from recurring sales of print materials and services. The ability to build a strong customer base depends in part on the ability to offer products at vastly reduced prices to buy the customer base in anticipation of building a supplies business. In some cases other companies are better able to manage a supplies business because the corporate culture and the customer contacts permit bundling a large number of different supplies.

Digital dentistry markets for low iron glass at $444.6 million in 2010 are expected to reach $1.2 billion by 2017. Growth is expected to achieve marked improvements in the efficiency of dentist clinician care delivery and the longevity of crowns and bridges.

Digital Dentistry Market Driving Forces
Digital Dental Systems Market Shares
Digital Dental Market Forecasts

1.1 Digital Dentistry: Dental CAD / CAM Systems
1.1.1 Healthy Dental Presence
1.1.2 Dental CAD/CAM Systems
1.1.3 Sirona CEREC In-Office Application Advantages
1.1.4 Copings And Bridge-Frameworks
1.2 Global 3D Content-To-Print Solutions
1.2.1 3D Content-To-Print Solutions Growth strategy
1.3 Dental CT Scans: CBCT

2.1 Digital Dentistry Market Driving Forces
2.2 Digital Dental Systems Market Shares
2.3 Digital Dental CAD/CAM Systems Market Shares
2.3.1 Sirona
2.3.2 Sirona CEREC Materials - Versatile / Biocompatible
2.3.3 3D Systems
2.4 Digital Dentistry x-Ray Software Market Shares
2.4.1 Dentsply
2.4.2 Sirona / Schick
2.4.3 Apteryx
2.4.4 3M ESPE
2.4.5 Planmeca Group
2.4.6 DEXIS Digital Radiography!
2.5 Digital Dental Lasers Market Shares
2.5.1 KaVo
2.5.2 AMD LASERS Picasso Lite
2.6 Digital Dentistry Scanners Market Shares
2.6.1 VIDAR
2.7 Dental Laser and Diode Systems Market Shares
2.7.1 Biolase Technology
2.8 Digital Dental Market Forecasts
2.8.1 Digital CAD/CAM Equipment Software Laboratory and Practitioner Segment Market Forecasts
2.8.2 Digital Dental x-Ray Equipment Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2011-2017
2.9 Open-Architecture, Industry-Leading Dental Manufacturing
2.10 Dental IT Consulting
2.10.1 Dental Technology Consultants
2.11 Dental Laboratory Industry
2.11.1 National Dentex
2.12 Digital Dentistry Prices
2.13 Digital Dentistry Regional Analysis
2.13.1 Digital Dentistry Asia-Pacific Market
2.13.2 Rapid Emergence Of Digital Technology Differs by Region
2.13.3 U.S. Experiencing Rapid Adoption Of Digital, But Analog Still Dominant
2.13.4 European Markets Differ In Adoption Of Digital Technology
2.13.5 France Leads World In Digital Sensor Adoption
2.13.6 PSP Systems Preferred In German Market For Dental Imaging

3.1 3D Systems (NASDAQ: TDSC),
3.1.1 3D Systems VisiJet® e-Stone™ Dental Print Material
3.2 CadBlu Dental
3.3 3Shape
3.3.1 3Shape DentalDesigner™ Software Description
3.3.2 3Shape DentalDesigner™ Modules
3.3.3 3Shape Copings & Bridge Frameworks
3.3.4 3Shape Anatomical Modeling in DentalDesigner™
3.3.5 3Shape Removable Partial Denture Frameworks
3.3.6 3Shape Sophisticated Bar Design
3.3.7 3Shape Inlay, Onlay & Veneers
3.3.8 3Shape Pressed Ceramics in DentalDesigner™
3.3.9 3Shape AbutmentDesigner™
3.3.10 3Shape Additional Indications
3.4 Delcam
3.4.1 Model Comparison
3.5 Sinora
3.5.1 Sirona CEREC Acquisition Unit - Quick, Simple, Precise
3.5.2 Sirona CEREC AC Data Integration
3.5.3 Sirona CEREC Milling Units - Precise, Fast And Quiet
3.5.4 Sirona CEREC 3 or CEREC MC XL
3.5.5 Sirona CEREC Materials - Versatile / Biocompatible
3.5.6 Sirona CEREC Ceramics Characteristics
3.5.7 Sirona CEREC Glass Ceramics For Crowns
3.5.8 Sirona CEREC Materials For Provisional Anterior Crowns
3.5.9 Sirona CEREC Composite Materials For Temporary Bridges
3.5.10 Sirona CEREC Fast Track To Aesthetic Results
3.5.11 Sirona CEREC Translucent Layered
3.5.12 Sirona CEREC Blocs
3.6 Dental Technology Consultants (DTC)
3.6.1 Dental Technology Consultants NetWatch Dental Technology Consultants DTC NetWatch Maintenance And Support For Fixed Monthly Rate
3.6.3 Dental Technology Consultants NetWatch Benefits
3.7 Nobel Biocare Digital Diagnostics, Treatment Planning & Guided Surgery
3.7.1 NobelClinician Software NobelGuide Concept
3.7.2 Nobel Biocare Inspection of Implant Locations With Reslice Viewer
3.7.3 Nobel Biocare Dental Team Collaboration
3.7.4 Nobel Biocare Patient-Centered Team Work
3.7.5 NobelGuide Treatment For All Indications
3.7.6 NobelGuide Treatment Concept Used For All Indications
3.8 KaVo Geomagic
3.9 Apteryx Imaging
3.9.1 Apteryx Imaging Practice Management Integration
3.10 Henry Schein
3.11 3M ESPE
3.11.1 3M ESPE Lava CAD/CAM System Digital Materials and Equipment
3.12 Cadent
3.13 D4D
3.14 Dental Wings 3D Scanners
3.14.1 Dental Wings 5Series
3.14.2 Dental Wings 3Series
3.14.3 Dental Wings iSeries
3.14.4 Dental Wings Design Software
3.14.5 Dental Wings Crown & Bridge
3.14.6 Dental Wings Implant Custom Abutment Designs
3.14.7 Dental Wings Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing
3.14.8 Dental Wings Partial Framework Design
3.14.9 Dental Wings Virtual Model Builder
3.14.10 Dental Wings CAM Integration
3.14.11 Dental Wings Data Management & Exchange
3.15 Wieland Zenotec T1
3.16 Custom Milling Center
3.17 3Shape
3.17.1 3Shape CAM Software - CAMbridge™
3.17.2 3Shape CAMbridge™ - CAM Software Comes With Milling Strategies
3.17.3 3Shape CAMbridge Rapid Prototyping - Wax Printers And Model Making Machines
3.17.4 3Shape CAMbridge Automated Preparation For Laser Sintering Machines
3.17.5 3Shape
3.17.6 3Shape Dental System's Copings and Bridges
3.17.7 3Shape Dental System's Simultaneous Modeling on Upper and Lower
3.17.8 3Shape' Dental System Virtual Application Of Classical Jaw Movements
3.17.9 3Shape's Dental System Inlay Onlay and Veneers
3.17.10 3Shape's Dental System Pressed Ceramics for Full Digital Restoration
3.17.11 3Shape's Dental System CAD/CAM Design Opportunities
3.17.12 3Shape's Dental System Automatic Output Prepared For Manufacturing
3.17.13 3Shape AbutmentDesigner
3.17.14 AbutmentDesigner Parametric
3.17.15 3Shape AbutmentDesigner Implants
3.17.16 3Shape AbutmentDesigner Material Flexibility
3.17.17 3Shape AbutmentDesignerOutside-In Design - Anatomically Correct In A Few Clicks
3.17.18 3Shape AbutmentDesigner Parallel Abutments
3.17.19 3Shape AbutmentDesignerWax-Up Scanning
3.17.20 3Shape AbutmentDesignerSophisticated Implant Bars and Bridges
3.17.21 3Shape AbutmentDesigner Scanning Precision For Bars And Bridges
3.17.22 3Shape Dental System Implant Planning And Surgical Drill Guides
3.17.23 3Shape Dental System Flexible Attachment Design
3.17.24 3Shape Designs For Copy Milling
3.17.25 3Shape Removable Partial Design
3.17.26 3Shape Retention grid and major connector design
3.17.27 3Shape Optimal Clasp Design And Connection
3.17.28 3Shape Manufacturing Integration
3.17.29 3Shape Intra Oral Scan Import
3.17.30 3shape Post & Core Using Impression Scanning
3.17.31 3Shape Copy Milling Of Wax-Up Bridges
3.17.32 3Shape Combines all CAD Modeling In One Session
3.17.33 3ShapeTelescopic Crowns
3.17.34 3Shapescanning Of Pre-Preparation Model And Diagnostic Wax-Up
3.18 ROFIN
3.18.1 ROFIN Laser Material Processing
3.18.2 ROFIN Laser Cutting - Widths Below 20ìm
3.18.3 ROFIN Laser Welding - High Strength Connection Of Sensitive Components
3.18.4 ROFIN Laser Marking - Biocompatible And Durable
3.18.5 ROFIN Laser Structuring - Custom-Made Surfaces
3.19 CBCT
3.20 DEXIS Digital Radiography
3.20.1 DEXIS Platinum System:

4.2 3D Systems Direct Metal Sintering
4.2.1 Direct Metal CAD/CAM 3D Printing
4.3 Waterlase Systems

5.1 3D Systems
5.1.1 3D Printing Solutions Rapid Manufacturing Applications
5.1.2 3D Systems Revenue
5.1.3 3D Systems Regional Segment Information
5.1.4 3D Systems Regional Segment Information
5.1.5 3D Systems Acquisitions
5.1.6 3D Systems Revenue
5.1.7 3D Systems Business Model
5.1.8 3D Systems Increased Productivity And Superior Print Output Quality
5.1.9 3D Systems3-D Modelers
5.1.10 3D Systems Worldwide Network of 10 Facilities
5.2 3M
5.2.1 3M Health Care Business Revenue
5.2.2 3M ESPE
5.3 3Shape
5.3.1 3Shape Dynamic Company
5.3.2 3Shape Product Life Cycle
5.3.3 3Shape Dental System
5.4 Able Electropolishing
5.5 Advantage Manufacturing Technologies
5.6 Apteryx Imaging
5.6.1 Apteryx Structure
5.7 AstraZeneca Group
5.7.1 AstraZeneca Revenue
5.7.2 AstraZeneca Group / Astra Tech
5.7.3 Astra Tech Revenue
5.7.4 Astra Tech Acquires Atlantis Components
5.7.5 Astra Tech Digital Technology and CAD/CAM Scientific Program
5.7.6 Astra Tech acquires Astra Tech AB an Innovative Dental CAD/CAM company
5.7.7 Astra Tech Acquires Its Japanese Distributor, Denics International
5.8 Autocam Medical
5.9 Biolase Technology, Inc.
5.9.1 Biolase Technology Revenue
5.10 Cadblue
5.10.1 CadBlu ProJetMP3000Printer250
5.10.2 CadBlu
5.11 Danaher
5.12 Dental Technology Consultants
5.12.1 DTC The Digital Dentist
5.13 Dentsply
5.13.1 Dentsply Dental Specialty Products
5.13.2 Dentsply Products:
5.13.3 Dentsply International Revenue
5.13.4 Dentsply International Product and Customer Revenue Segments Information
5.13.5 Dentsply Market Segments
5.13.6 Dentsply Product Innovation
5.13.7 Dentsply United States
5.13.8 Dentsply Europe
5.13.9 Dentsply All Other Regions
5.13.10 Dentsply Acquires Astra Tech
5.14 Dexis
5.15 DOT GmbH
5.16 Geomagic
5.16.1 Geomagic Technology
5.17 Henry Schein
5.17.1 Henry Schein North American Dental
5.17.2 Henry Schein North American Medical
5.17.3 Henry Schein North American Animal Health
5.17.4 Henry Schein International
5.17.5 Henry Schein Technology and Value-Added Services
5.17.6 Henry Schein Distribution
5.18 Implant Sciences Corporation
5.19 LVB Acquisition / Biomet
5.19.1 Biomet acquired by Private Equity Consortium
5.20 Mack Molding Co.
5.21 National Dentex Corporation
5.21.1 National Dentex Information as to Industry and Operating Segments
5.21.2 National Dentex Revenue
5.22 Nobel Biocare
5.22.1 Nobel Biocare Revenue
5.22.2 Nobel Biocare acquires Alpha-Bio Tec and Medicim
5.22.3 Nobel Biocare Introduces Its New Implant NobelActive
5.22.4 Nobel Biocare CAD/CAM-Based Dentistry
5.22.5 Nobel Biocare Standardized Product Facilities
5.22.6 Nobel Biocare Regional Performance: Increasingly Demanding Market Environment
5.22.7 Nobel Biocare Revenue By Region
5.22.8 Nobel Biocare Go-To-Market Approach
5.22.9 Nobel Biocare Strategic Positioning
5.22.10 Nobel Biocare
5.23 OpenCell BioMed Inc. (OCBM)
5.24 Orchid Orthopedic Solutions
5.24.1 Orchid Keller
5.25 Patterson Dental Company
5.26 Ratos / Vidar
5.27 Raymor
5.28 ROFIN
5.29 Sirona
5.29.1 Sirona Cerec® Software
5.29.2 Sirona CEREC Dental CAD / CAM Systems
5.29.3 Sirona / Schick Technologies.
5.29.4 Sirona Tradition Of Dental Innovation
5.29.5 Sirona Revenue
5.29.6 Sirona Distributors
5.29.7 Sirona CEREC Digital Dental Network
5.29.8 Sirona Dental Technology Leader
5.29.9 Sirona Strategy & Vision
5.29.10 Sirona Instruments
5.29.11 Sirona Center of Innovation
5.30 Straumann
5.30.1 Straumann Market Share Gains in Europe and North America
5.30.2 Straumann Innovation Pipeline
5.30.3 Straumann Improves Efficiency And Market Share in 2008
5.30.4 Straumann Net Revenue
5.31 Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering--Purdue
5.32 Westlake Plastics Company
5.33 Young Innovations
5.33.1 Young Innovations Business Strategy
5.33.2 Young Innovations Revenue
5.34 Zimmer
5.34.1 Zimmer Reports Fourth Quarter and 2008 Revenue
5.34.2 Zimmer Dental Implants
5.35 Selected Dental Implant Products and Companies
5.36 Selected List of Digital Dental Companies

List of Tables

Table ES-1
Digital Dental Systems Types
Table ES-2
Digital Dental Systems Market Driving Forces
Figure ES-3
Digital Dental Systems Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2010
Figure ES-4
Digital Dental Markets Forecasts Dollars, Worldwide,
Table 1-1
Digital Dental Process Structure
Table 1-2
Digital Dental Process Sub-Segments
Table 2-1
Digital Dental Systems Types
Table 2-2
Digital Dental Systems Market Driving Forces
Figure 2-3
Digital Dental Systems Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2010
Table 2-4
Digital Dental Systems Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2010
Figure 2-5
Digital Dental CAD/CAM Equipment and Software
Market Shares, Dollars, 2010
Table 2-6
Digital CAD/CAM Equipment and Software
Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2010
Figure 2-7
Digital Dental X-ray Imaging and Software
Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2010
Table 2-8
Digital Dental X-ray Imaging and Software
Dollars, Worldwide, 2010
Figure 2-9
Digital Dental Laser Market Shares, Dollars,
Worldwide, 2010
Table 2-10
Digital Dental Laser Market Shares, Dollars, 2010
Figure 2-11
Digital Dental Scanner, Market Shares, Dollars,
Worldwide, 2010
Figure 2-12
Digital Dental Scanner Market Shares, Dollars,
Worldwide, 2010
Table 2-13
Dental Laser Systems Key Market Driving Forces
Table 2-14
Dental Laser Systems Benefits To Dental Professionals
Table 2-15
Dental Laser Systems Additional Procedures and Efficiencies
Figure 2-16
Digital Dental Markets Forecasts Dollars, Worldwide,
Figure 2-17
Digital Dental Market Forecasts, Units, Worldwide, 2011-2017
Table 2-18
Digital Dentistry Equipment and Software Systems
Market Industry Segment Forecasts, Worldwide, 2011-2017
Figure 2-19
Digital Cad/CAM Software and Equipment Market
Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2011-2017
Figure 2-20
Digital CAD/CAM Equipment Software Laboratory and
Practitioner Segment Market Forecasts, Dollars,
Worldwide, 2011-2017
Figure 2-21
Digital Dental x-Ray Equipment Market Forecasts,
Dollars, Worldwide, 2011-2017
Table 2-22
Dental Equipment, Software, and Consumables
Market Segments, Dollars, Worldwide, 2010
Figure 2-23
Digital Dental Regional Market Segments, Dollars, 2010
Table 2-24
Digital Dental Regional Market Segments, 2010
Figure 2-25
3D Systems Revenue by Category and Geography
Figure 3-1
3D Systems Anterior Pressed to Zirconia Restorations
Figure 3-2
3D Systems Anterior Pressed to Zirconia Restorations
Figure 3-3
3D Systems Anterior Pressed to Zirconia
Figure 3-4
Axis Dental Cam
Figure 3-5
Figure 3-6
3Shape Dental Designer 2010 Software
Table 3-7
3Shape Software Benefits and Features
Figure 3-8
3Shape Anatomy Design
Table 3-9
3Shape Dental Software Benefits
Table 3-10
3Shape Dental Software Features
Table 3-11
3Shape DentalDesigner Comprised Of Software Modules:
Figure 3-12
OrthoAnalyzer 3D Software Indications Datasheet
Figure 3-13
3Shape Dental Design
Figure 3-14
3Shape Dental Design Color Coding
Table 3-15
3Shape OrthoAnalyzer™ 3D Software Features
Table 3-16
3Shape DentalDesigner ™ 3D Software Benefits
Table 3-17
3Shape DentalDesigner ™ 3D Software Benefits:
Table 3-18
Delcam DentMill™ 3-Axis CAM Software Features
Table 3-19
Delcam DentMill™ 3-Axis CAM Software Benefits
Table 3-20
CAMBridge™ Software Features/Benefits:
Table 3-21
Sinora Chairside Software Solution Features
Figure 3-22
CEREC 3D Software Functions
Table 3-23
Sirona CEREC Speed Benefits
Table 3-24
Sirona CEREC Precision Benefits
Table 3-25
Sirona CEREC Flexibility Benefits
Table 3-26
Sirona CEREC Simplicity Benefits
Figure 3-27
Sirona CEREC Materials Comparison
Figure 3-28
Sirona CEREC Composite Materials
Table 3-29
Dental Technology Consultants Services
Table 3-30
Dental Technology Consultants NetWatch Benefits
Table 3-31
Dental Technology Consultants Backup and
Disaster Recovery Benefits
Figure 3-32
Dental Technology Consultants DataProtect Model
Table 3-33
NobelClinician Software Functions
Table 3-34
NobelClinician Software 3D Functions
Figure 3-35
Nobel Biocare Dental Comprehensive Solutions
Figure 3-36
Nobel Biocare Dental Multi-Unit Restorations
Figure 3-37
NobelConnect Patient-Centered Team Work
Figure 3-38
NobelGuide Treatment Workflow
Figure 3-39
Nobel Biocare Indications And Solutions
Figure 3-40
KaVo’s Everest System Crown
Figure 3-41
KaVo System Built For The Dental Industry By Geomagic,
Table 3-42
KaVo Everest Dental System Materials
Table 3-43
3M ESPE Lava™ Chairside Oral Scanner Benefits:
Figure 3-44
3M ESPE Crown
Figure 3-44
3M ESPE Pressed Ceramics
Figure 3-45
3M ESPE Pressed Ceramics Fracture Force
Table 3-46
Dental Wings System Components:
Figure 3-47
Dental Wings 5 Axis 3D Scanner
Table 3-48
Dental Wings 3Series Low End System Components:
Figure 3-49
Dental Wings 3 Axis 3D Scanner
Table 3-50
Dental Wings iSeries System Components:
Figure 3-51
Dental Wings iSeries Scanner
Figure 3-52
Dental Wings Implant Functions
Table 3-53
Wieland Zenotec T1 Features:
Table 3-54
Wieland Zenotec T1 Millable Materials
Figure 3-55
Wieland Zenotec T1
Table 3-56
Wieland ZENOSTAR Zirconium Dioxide
Crowns & Bridges Features
Table 3-57
CMC Outsourcing Benefits
Table 3-58
Custom Milling Center Types of Outsourced Restorations
Figure 3-59
CAMbridge Unit
Figure 3-60
3Shape CAMbridge™ - CAM Software With Milling Strategies
Table 3-61
3Shape CAMbridge Automated Steps
Table 3-62
3Shape CAMbridge Groups
Figure 3-63
3Shape CAMbridge Groups Defined Based On
Names Or Clinics, Using Configuration Rules
Table 3-64
3Shape Dental System's Automated Preparation For
Laser Sintering Machines Functions
Figure 3-65
3Shape Dental System's Provides Productive And
Flexible Inside-Out Modeling
Table 3-94
3Shape Dental System Automated Positioning And
Modeling Functions
Figure 3-95
3Shape Dental System Automated Modeling
Table 3-96
3Shape Dental System Automated Positioning
And Modeling Components
Table 3-97
3Shape Dental System's Tools and Components
Figure 3-98
3Shape Dental System's Simultaneous Modeling on
Upper and Lower Jaws
Table 3-99
3Shape Dental System's Simultaneous Modeling on
Upper and Lower Jaws Functions
Figure 3-100
3Shape Dental System's
Table 3-101
3Shape Dental System Automated Virtual Functions
Figure 3-102
3Shape' Dental System Design Of Inlays, Onlays And Veneers
Table 3-103
3Shape's Dental System Functions
Figure 3-104
3Shape's Dental System Pressed Ceramics Overview
Figure 3-105
3Shape's Dental System Automatic Output
Prepared For Manufacturing
Table 3-106
3Shape's Dental System Automatic Output
Prepared For Manufacturing
Table 3-107
3Shape AbutmentDesigner Features
Figure 3-108
3Shape AbutmentDesigner Customized Abutments
Figure 3-109
3Shape AbutmentDesigner Draft Model Of The Crown
Figure 3-110
3Shape AbutmentDesigner Parallel Abutments
Figure 3-111
3Shape AbutmentDesignerWax-Up Scanning Functions
Figure 3-112
3Shape AbutmentDesigner Abutment
DesignerWax-Up Scanning
Figure 3-113
3Shape Dental System Implant Planning And
Surgical Drill Guides
Figure 3-114
3Shape Dental System Flexible Attachment Design
Figure 3-115
3Shape Designs For Copy Milling
Figure 3-116
3Shape Removable Partial Design
Figure 3-117
3Shape Design Model
Figure 3-118
3Shape Retention Grid And Major Connector Design
Figure 3-119
3Shape Optimal Clasp Design And Connection
Figure 3-120
3Shape Clasp Design And Connection
Figure 3-121
3Shape Manufacturing Integration
Figure 3-122
3Shape's DentalDesigner Software Import Scans
Figure 3-123
3Shape Post & Core
Figure 3-124
3Shape Copy Milling Of Wax-Up Bridges
Figure 3-124
3Shape CAD Modeling
Figure 3-125
3ShapeTelescopic Crowns
Figure 3-126
3ShapeScanning Of Pre-Preparation Model And
Diagnostic Wax-Up
Figure 3-127
DEXIS Platinum USB Device
Figure 4-1
CEREC 3D Software Functions
Table 4-2
CEREC Speed Benefits
Table 4-3
3D Systems Sinterstation® Pro DM125 SLM System Benefits
Figure 4-4
Direct Metal CAD/CAM 3D Printing
Table 5-1
3D Systems 3D printer Functions
Table 5-2
3D Systems extensive portfolio of 3D Print engines
Figure 5-3
3D Printing Solutions
Figure 5-4
3D Systems Printing Solutions Global Reach
Figure 5-5
3D Systems Balanced Revenue Composition
Figure 5-6
3D Systems Healthcare Solutions Growth Initiatives
Figure 5-7
3D Systems Revenue Growth
Figure 5-8
3D Systems Revenue by Category and Geography
Figure 5-9
3D Systems Revenue Trend Line
Figure 5-10
3D Systems Printer and Consumables Business Model
Table 5-11
3D Systems Business Model Modules
Figure 5-12
3D Systems New Products to Fuel Revenue Growth
Figure 5-13
3D Systems 3d Printer Growth Initiatives
Figure 5-14
3D Systems Business Model Innovation
Figure 5-15
3D Systems Partners
Figure 5-16
AstraZeneca Sales Growth By Region
Figure 5-17
AstraZeneca Regional Sales Revenue
Figure 5-18
AstraZeneca Clinical Projects
Table 5-19
AstraZeneca Regional Revenue
Figure 5-20
CadBlu Open-Architecture Dental Systems
Table 5-21
Dentsply Products:
Figure 5-22
Dexis xRay Imaging
Table 5-23
Biomet Target Markets
Table 5-24
Biomet Product Portfolio
Table 5-25
Nobel Biocare Revenue By Region in EUR Million
Table 5-26
Nobel Biocare Strategic Positioning
Figure 5-27
Nobel Biocare Quality standards
Table 5-28
Sirona Cerec® 3D Software Functions:
Table 5-29
Sirona Digital Dental Network Connection Functions
Figure 5-30
Zimmer Analysis of Revenue by Product Segment and Region
Figure 5-31
Zimmer Sales by Product Segment and Geographical Segment
Table 5-32
Zimmer Positioning

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