Destination Market Insights: United Arab Emirates

Category : Tourism and Lifestyle  | Published Date : Sept-2016 | Pages : 41
In recent years the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become a major destination as a links East with West, providing a major hub stopover for travelers while expanding tourism investment to build on it's geographical advantages. In 2015, over 14.4 million arrivals reached the UAE, an increase of over 7.5% in just one year.

Key Findings
With the expansion of its hotel sector alongside the development of 10-15 new leisure attractions in 2016, the UAE is expected to continue it's growth a major tourism destination. With this in mind, Canadean expects arrivals to the UAE to reach 21.3 million by 2021.

Canadean's report - “Destination Market Insights: United Arab Emirates” provides detailed information on the UAE inbound tourism sector, analyzing market data and providing insights. This report provides a better understanding of tourism flows, expenditure, and the airline, hotel, car rental, and travel intermediaries industries.

What else does this report offer?

- Detailed market analysis, information, and insights, including: 

- Historic and forecast tourist volumes and values covering UAE's inbound tourism sector

- Detailed analysis of tourist spending patterns for various categories in the travel and tourism sector, such as purpose of spending and top source markets.

- Detailed analysis of the market trends in the UAE's inbound tourism sector.

Reasons To Buy
- Make strategic business decisions using historic and forecast market data related to the UAE's inbound Travel and Tourism sector

- Understand the demand-side dynamics within the industry to identify key market trends and growth opportunities

- Direct  the promotional efforts on most promising markets by identifying the key source and destination countries
Table Of Contents- Snapshot
- Key Trends
- New Developments
- Main Source Markets
- Source Markets in Focus: India and The UK
- Airlines
- Hotels
- Attractions
- Risks
- Opportunities
- Market Data
- Definitions
- Methodology
- About CanadeanList Of TablesTable 1 Key Statistics, 2015
Table 2: Inbound Trips (in 000s) by country
Table 3: New Operations for Hotel Groups in UAE
Table 4: International arrivals by region (in 000's), 2011-2020
Table 5: International arrivals by purpose of visit (in 000's), 2011-2020
Table 6: International arrivals by country (in 000's), 2011-2020
Table 7: Overnight stays (in millions), 2011-2020
Table 8: International arrivals by mode of transport (in 000's), 2011-2020
Table 9: Average length per inbound trip ( number of nights spent), 2011-2020
Table 10: Total inbound tourism expenditure by category, 2011-2020
Table 11: Average inbound expenditure by category, 2011-2020
Table 12: Domestic arrivals by purpose of visit (in 000's), 2011-2020
Table 13: Average length per domestic trip ( number of nights spent), 2011-2020
Table 14: Domestic Overnight stays (in millions), 2011-2020
Table 15: Total domestic tourism expenditure by category, 2011-2020
Table 16: Average domestic expenditure per resident by category, 2011-2020
Table 17: Number of seats available and sold in passenger airlines (in 000's), 2011-2020
Table 18: Load factor of passenger airlines(in%), 2011-2020
Table 19: Number of passenger kilometers available (in millions), 2011-2020
Table 20: Number of revenue-generating passenger kilometers (in millions), 2011-2020
Table 21: Revenue per passenger, 2011-2020
Table 22: Total revenue of passenger airlines, 2011-2020
Table 23: Number of establishments and number of rooms by hotel category, 2011-2020
Table 24: Hotels -Key performance indicators, 2011-2020
Table 25: Room occupancy rate by hotel category (%), 2011-2020
Table 26: Number of rooms nights available and number of room nights occupied by hotel category, 2011-2020
Table 27: Average (total) revenue per available room, 2011-2020
Table 28: Average (room) revenue per available room and Average (room) revenue per occupied room
Table 29: Total room revenue and non-room revenue by hotel category and customer type, 2011-2020
Table 30: Total revenue by hotel category and customer type, 2011-2020
Table 31: Number of guests by hotel category and customer type (in 000's) , 2011-2020Lisst Of FiguresFigure 1: International arrivals by purpose of travel
Figure 2: Domestic Trips, by purpose of visit
Figure 3: Top 3 Source Markets, International Arrivals
Figure 4: Domestic and Inbound Arrivals
Figure 5: Number of Seats Available/Seats Sold
Figure 6: Dubai Canal Map
Figure 7: Room Occupancy Rate/RevPar(in %/Rial)
Figure 8: Top 5 Source Markets Dubai (millions)
Publisher Name : Canadean


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