Comparing councils: An alternative approach to segmenting the local government marketplace

Category : ICT Media  | Published Date : Oct-2012 | Pages : 37
This report summarises the two biggest challenges facing councils in regards to financial pressure and growing service demands. This overview of the market evaluates what each council currently spends on services, and future demand for each service modeled on a number of different metrics.
Comparison between spending and demand on services within councils in England. This report forecasts spending and future demand on ICT services within English councils.
This report provides data on council spending and demand for services thus allowing suppliers who are serving the market to identify, target and create specific strategies for targeting these groups. Bringing together Kable’s research, modeling and analysis expertise in order to develop uniquely detailed market data. Allowing companies to identify market dynamics that account for the ICT market and which categories and segments will see growth in the coming years.
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• Gain insight into ICT spending and demand within English councils. • Provides you forecasts for ICT spending with councils. • Segmentation of the market based on underlying challenges faced by different councils. • This report takes the change of revenue grants from central government between 2010-2011 to 2012-2013 into consideration.
Table of ContentsPurpose and summary
4. Background
7. Methodology
11. Segmentation model
Segmentation charts
14. All English councils
Sub-segmenting regions
28 East of England
29 East Midlands
30 North East
31 North West
Sub-segmenting council types
20. London Boroughs
21. Metropolitan Districts
22. County Councils
23. Unitary Authorities
24. District Councils
32 South East excluding Greater London
34. South West
35. West Midlands
36. Yorkshire and the Humber
List Of TablesNAList Of FiguresFigure 1: Comparing all English councils
Figure 2: Comparing London Boroughs
Figure 3: Comparing Metropolitan Districts
Figure 4: Comparing County Councils
Figure 5: Comparing Unitary Authorities
Figure 5: Comparing District Councils
Figure 6: Comparing councils in the East of England
Figure 7: Comparing councils in the East Midlands
Figure 8: Comparing councils in the North East
Figure 9: Comparing councils in the North West
Figure 10: Comparing councils in the South East (excl. Greater London)
Figure 11: Comparing councils in the South West
Figure 12: Comparing councils in the West Midlands
Figure 13: Comparing councils in the Yorkshire and the Humber
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