Command and control in the fire and rescue service sector: Developments and opportunities post-FiRe Control

Category : ICT Media  | Published Date : Apr-2012 | Pages : 44
This report summarises the potential opportunities in the Fire and Rescue Services (FRS) ICT sector within the UK. This overview of the potential market is intended for both those currently working within this industry, and those considering entering this market for the first time.
Development and opportunities in the command and control, and fire and rescue services sector: including National command and control initiatives, Command and control opportunities, and Command and control vendors.
This report provides information on the current state of the ICT infrastructure in the Fire and Rescue Services within the UK and opportunities in this sector, providing companies with essential information to understand market and accurately identify areas where they could want to compete in the future.
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• Gain insight into the current ICT systems used with the FRS. • Gain knowledge about the potential opportunities within this sector.
Table of Contents1 Command and control 
1.1 Definition
1.2 Command structure
2 National structure of fire and rescue authorities
2.1 England
2.2 Wales
2.3 Scotland.
2.4 Northern Ireland
3 National command and control deployments
4 National command and control initiatives
4.1 FiReControl
4.1.1 Post FiReControl regional initiatives
4.2 Other Fire and Resilience Programme elements
4.2.1 Firelink
4.2.2 New Dimension
4.3 Scottish initiatives
4.4 Welsh initiatives
5 Command and control opportunities
5.1 Fire and rescue sector opportunities
5.1.1 Collaborative agenda
5.2 Supplier recommendations
6 Command and control vendors
6.1 Competitive scenario
6.2 Capita
6.2.1 Command and control products
6.2.2 Fire and rescue sector deployments
6.3 Ericsson
6.3.1 Command and control products
6.3.2 Fire and rescue sector deployments
6.4 Excelerate Technology
6.4.1 Command and control products
6.4.2 Fire and rescue sector deployments
6.5 Fortek Computers
6.5.1 Command and control products
6.5.2 Fire and rescue sector deployments
6.6 Intergraph
6.6.1 Command and control products
6.6.2 Fire and rescue sector deployments
6.7 Motorola Solutions
6.7.1 Command and control products
6.7.2 Fire and rescue sector deployments
6.8 Northgate Public Services
6.8.1 Command and control products
6.8.2 Fire and rescue sector deployments
6.9 Petards
6.9.1 Command and control products
6.9.2 Fire and rescue sector deployments
6.10 Remsdaq
6.10.1 Command and control products
6.10.2 Fire and rescue sector deployments
6.11 SEED Software 6.11.1
6.11.2 Fire and rescue sector deployments
6.12 Steria
6.12.1 Command and control products
6.12.2 Fire and rescue sector deployments
6.13 telent
6.13.1 Command and control products
6.13.2 Fire and rescue sector deployments
6.14 VectorCommand
6.14.1 Command and control products
6.14.2 Fire and rescue sector deployments
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