Client Based Office Utility Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2010 to 2016

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Product Synopsis

WinterGreen Research announces that it has a new study on: Client Office Productivity Software Market Shares and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2010-2016. Office software is useful as a way to implement automated process for any task relating to writing, calculating, collaborating, or presenting. Software is needed for management and sales implementations of different productivity tasks in different industries. The study has 464 pages and 155 tables and figures.

Office productivity software enables use of computers intuitively. Continuous systems upgrades improve the functions available to users. Learning is iterative. Software development is iterative. As one generation of software rolls out, customer feedback is used to evolve more useful features. The products evolved are able to improve productivity across the board in all industries. The software is a big reason the computer industry keeps evolving. Enterprises are constantly challenged to address changing market conditions.

Office productivity suites feature systems that are intuitive to use for very specific formatting and customization of the device look and feel. People do not like to have their personal formats changed by someone else using the device The software is personal. People can start a project without help from anyone, can ask for help if they need it, and can produce a result, a document, analysis, or presentation without anything but software. In this manner people can leverage what they know to communicate to a group.

A sales manager can build a power point presentation that is customized to a particular customer, being responsive to what is new in the product suite. An office suite is comprehensive. Software licenses provide the most advanced productivity suites available.

Office productivity suite markets are dominated by Microsoft which has been increasing its market share over the past few years. Competition in this segment is from well-established companies with differing approaches to the PC market. IBM Lotus is the number two participant in the market. IBM has positioned its office productivity suites to address the needs of the enterprise.

Office Productivity Suites
Client Based Office Productivity Suites Market Shares
Office Productivity Suites Market Forecasts
Client Based Office Productivity Software Shipments

1.1 Office Productivity Software
1.2 Office Productivity Suites
1.2.1 Productivity Software Vendors
1.3 Teams Work Together Effectively
1.3.1 Digital Notebook
1.4 Cloud Computing Permits User Web Services Access
1.4.1 Cloud Computing Aspects
1.5 Web 2.0 Internet Scale Mainstream Applications
1.5.1 Design Patterns
1.5.2 Data Driven Cloud Computing
1.5.3 Network Effects
1.5.4 Collaboration
1.5.5 Social Networking Heuristics
1.5.6 Wiki-Style Collaborative Editing

2.1 Office Productivity Suites
2.2 Client Based Office Productivity Suites Market Shares
2.2.1 Client Productivity Software Competition
2.2.2 Microsoft Office Word
2.2.3 Microsoft Word Collaboration Capability
2.2.4 Microsoft Office Productivity Suites
2.2.5 IBM Lotus Office Productivity Design & Development
2.2.6 IBM Lotus Office Productivity Analysis, Modeling, Design & Construction
2.2.7 IBM Lotus Forms Management
2.2.8 Adobe Connect
2.2.9 Corel WordPerfect Office
2.2.10 Avaya Unified Communications
2.2.11 Avaya Agile Communication Environment™
2.3 Office Productivity Suites Market Forecasts
2.3.1 Client Based Office Productivity Software Shipments
2.3.2 Office Productivity Software Piracy Rates
2.3.3 Client PC Markets
2.3.4 Corel Pricing and Availability
2.4 Office Productivity Suites Regional Analysis

3.1 Office Productivity Software
3.2 Microsoft Office Collaboration Capability
3.2.1 Microsoft Office Word
3.2.2 Microsoft Word Creates Professional-Looking Documents
3.2.3 Microsoft Office Word Building Blocks For Professional Documents
3.2.4 Microsoft Office Word High-Impact Graphics Communicate Effectively
3.2.5 Microsoft Office Word Compares Two Versions Of Document
3.2.6 Microsoft Office Word Digital Signature
3.2.7 Microsoft Office Word Converts Word Documents to PDF or XPS
3.2.8 Microsoft Office Word XML
3.2.9 Microsoft Document and Program Recovery
3.2.10 Microsoft Office Word Top 10 Benefits
3.2.11 Microsoft Office Excel
3.2.12 Microsoft Spreadsheet Analysis
3.2.13 Microsoft Effective Business Information Management
3.2.14 Microsoft Office PowerPoint
3.2.15 Microsoft Effective Presentation Sharing
3.2.16 Microsoft Manages Presentations Efficiently
3.2.17 Microsoft Office Access SOA Web Services
3.2.18 Microsoft Office Access Top 10 Benefits
3.2.19 Microsoft Office Publisher
3.2.20 Microsoft Office Visio
3.2.21 Microsoft Customizes and Extends Office Visio
3.2.22 Microsoft Office Visio Top 10 Benefits
3.2.23 Microsoft Office Communicator R2
3.2.24 Microsoft Office Groove
3.2.25 Microsoft Office InfoPath
3.2.26 Microsoft Office OneNote
3.2.27 Microsoft Office Project Standard
3.2.28 Microsoft Office Publisher
3.2.29 Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer
3.2.30 Microsoft SharePoint Tailored Sites
3.3 IBM Lotus Office Productivity Suites
3.3.1 IBM Lotus Office Productivity Design & Development
3.3.2 IBM Lotus Domino Designer
3.3.3 IBM Lotus Used For Business Collaboration Application Development
3.3.4 Lotus SmartSuite
3.3.5 IBM Lotus Office Productivity Analysis, Modeling, Design & Construction
3.3.6 IBM Lotus Office Productivity Design Security
3.3.7 IBM Lotus Office Productivity Messaging & Collaboration
3.3.8 IBM Lotus Office Productivity Portals & Mashups
3.3.9 IBM Lotus Office Social Software Productivity Enhancement
3.3.10 IBM Lotus Smarter Planet
3.3.11 IBM Lotus Forms Management
3.3.12 IBM Lotus Word Pro
3.3.13 IBM Lotus Workflow
3.3.14 Lotus Workflow Automation For Enterprise Software
3.3.15 IBM Lotus Web Content Management
3.3.16 Lotus Quickr - Team Collaboration Software
3.3.17 Lotus Organizer
3.3.18 IBM Lotus Integrated Mobile Support
3.3.19 IBM Lotus Connections Social Software
3.4 Alloy by IBM and SAP
3.4.1 Why Alloy for integration of SAP business processes
3.5 Corel WordPerfect Office
3.5.1 Corel® WordPerfect® Lightning™ - Digital Notebook
3.5.2 Corel Microsoft® Office OOXML Compatibility
3.5.3 Corel Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Compatibility
3.5.4 Corel WordPerfect® iFilter
3.5.5 Corel Web Services Integration
3.5.6 Mozilla® Thunderbird® for Corel WordPerfect® Office
3.5.7 Corel Email Address Book Integration
3.5.8 Corel / Nuance® PaperPort® 12 SE
3.5.9 Corel Reference Center
3.5.10 Corel Migration
3.5.11 Corel Windows® 7 Compatibility
3.5.12 Corel WordPerfect Office X5
3.6 Adobe Connect
3.6.1 Adobe Web conferencing
3.6.2 Adobe eLearning
3.6.3 Adobe Web Seminars
3.6.4 Adobe® LiveCycle® Enterprise Suite
3.7 Avaya Unified Communications
3.7.1 Avaya Agile Communication Environment™
3.7.2 Avaya ACE™ Hot Desking
3.7.3 Avaya ACE™ Mobile Cost Optimizer
3.7.4 Avaya ACE™ Event Response Manager
3.7.5 Avaya ACE™ Microsoft Office Communications Server Integration
3.7.6 Avaya ACE™ IBM® Lotus® Sametime® Integration
3.7.7 Avaya ACE™ Web Browser Add-In
3.7.8 Avaya ACE™ Developer Toolkit
3.7.9 Avaya ACE™ Message Drop and Message Blast APIs
3.7.10 Avaya Unified Communications
3.7.11 Meeting Exchange
3.8 Cisco Unified Communications
3.8.1 Cisco Voice and Unified Communications Products
3.8.2 Cisco Unified Communications Applications
3.9 IBM Lotus Office Unified Communications

4.1 State Machine
4.1.1 Network Strategy
4.1.2 SOA Representational State Transfer Is A Mode Of Communication Accessible To Programs And Humans
4.2 XDMS Technology
4.2.1 Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Tier Architecture
4.2.2 TigerLogic FastSOA Architecture
4.2.3 Registry SOA engine
4.3 Office Productivity Dynamic Architecture
4.3.1 Google Search Engine Dynamic Architecture
4.3.2 BigFiles
4.3.3 Repository
4.3.4 Microsoft .Net Defines Reusable Modules Dynamically
4.3.5 Microsoft Combines Managed Modules into Assemblies
4.3.6 Microsoft Architecture Dynamic Modular Processing
4.3.7 IBM SOA Architecture is Dynamic for the Transport Layer
4.4 Business Benefits of Office Architecture
4.4.1 Technology Issues
4.4.2 Technology Platforms
4.4.3 Existing Enterprise Asset Automated Virtualization
4.4.4 Complexity Of The Underlying IT Technologies
4.4.5 Impact of Platforms
4.4.6 Platforms and Disparate Technologies
4.4.7 Technology Analysis
4.5 Business Events
4.5.1 Event Transmission
4.5.2 Business Process Automation
4.6 Process Oriented Architecture
4.6.1 Business Process Automation
4.6.2 Business Process Management Modular Architecture
4.6.3 Business Components
4.7 Advanced E-Business Infrastructure
4.7.1 Application Integration Technical Advantages
4.7.2 Integration System Architecture
4.8 Development Toolset
4.8.1 Infrastructure And System Management
4.9 Web Services
4.9.1 Promise Of Web Services
4.9.2 Java
4.9.3 Java Technology
4.9.4 J2EE
4.9.5 Soap
4.9.6 Apache Soap
4.9.7 Load Balancer With SSL Support
4.9.8 Points Of Failure
4.9.9 Soap Limitations
4.9.10 WSDL
4.9.11 WSDL Service Descriptions
4.9.12 UDDI
4.9.13 UDDI Test Registries
4.9.14 UDDI Distributed Web Service Discovery
4.9.15 UDDI Consortium
4.9.16 WS-Inspection Document Extensibility
4.9.17 XML
4.9.18 Metadata Repository
4.9.19 Metadata Describes Location, Format, Relationships, Transformation, Rules, Cross-Reference
4.9.20 Metadata Drives Data Integration Services
4.9.21 Wrappering
4.10 Service Level Challenges
4.10.1 Quality Of Service (QoS) Functions
4.10.2 Network Efficiency
4.11 Business Need
4.11.1 Business Process Management Packaged Solutions for Rapid Deployment
4.11.2 Quality Of Service Control
4.11.3 XML Standards
4.12 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA)
4.12.1 IBM Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
4.12.2 Business Challenge IT Imperative
4.12.3 Services Oriented Architecture And Relevant Standards
4.12.4 XML Family Of Standards
4.12.5 Integration Engines Leverage XML Processing
4.12.6 XML Standards
4.12.7 XML Role In Application Topology
4.12.8 XML Meets The Integration Challenge
4.12.9 XML Standard Communication Language
4.12.10 Web Services Protocols
4.12.11 Web Services Input And Output Formats
4.12.12 Web Services Coupling Versus Cohesion
4.12.13 Web Services Coupling
4.12.14 Web Services Cohesion
4.13 Open Systems

5.1 Adobe Systems
5.1.1 Adobe Targets Businesses And Organizations
5.1.2 Adobe Revenue
5.1.3 Adobe Systems Revenue:
5.1.4 Adobe Systems Software Tools
5.1.5 Adobe Systems Creative Solutions Business Summary
5.1.6 Adobe Knowledge Worker Market Opportunity
5.1.7 Adobe Systems Knowledge Worker Products
5.1.8 Adobe Systems Enterprise Opportunity
5.1.9 Adobe Systems Enterprise Business Summary
5.1.10 Adobe Systems Enterprise Strategy
5.1.11 Adobe Systems Process Management
5.1.12 Adobe Systems Content Services
5.1.13 Adobe Systems Knowledge Worker and Enterprise Related Products
5.2 Apple
5.2.1 Apple Zoho Office Suite
5.2.2 iPhone 4 Sales Top 1.7 Million
5.2.3 Apple Sells Three Million iPads
5.2.4 Apple Revenue
5.2.5 Apple Reaches Consumer And Small And Mid-Sized Businesses
5.3 Avaya
5.3.1 Avaya Leadership Positions
5.3.2 Avaya Major Businesses:
5.3.3 Avava Contact Centers
5.3.4 Avaya Global Services
5.3.5 Avaya Small & Medium Enterprise Communications
5.3.6 Avaya Data Networking
5.4 Corel
5.4.1 Corel Visual, Phot,o and Video Software
5.4.2 Corel Visual Communications
5.4.3 Corel® VideoStudio® Pro X3
5.4.4 Corel® WinDVD® 2010
5.4.5 Corel® WordPerfect® Office X5 Desktop Software
5.4.6 Corel WordPerfect Office X5 Suite Collaboration and Flexibility
5.5 Google
5.5.1 Google Apps Target Market
5.5.2 Google Apps for Messaging
5.5.3 Google / YouTube
5.5.4 Google Organizes The World's Information
5.5.5 Google Ads
5.5.6 Google Apps
5.5.7 Google Mobile
5.5.8 Google Strategy
5.5.9 Google Technology
5.5.10 Life of a Google Query
5.5.11 Google Business Overview
5.5.12 Google Grows
5.5.13 Google AdWords for Advertisers
5.5.14 Google AdSense and Web Site Services
5.5.15 Google Documents Editor
5.5.16 Gmail Contextual Gadgets Launched In The Google Apps Marketplace
5.5.17 Google Revenue 2010
5.6 IBM
5.6.1 IBM Manages Data-Intensive Services
5.6.2 IBM Lotus Domino Platform to Run Web Site
5.6.3 IBM Information as a Service (IAAS)
5.6.4 IBM WebSphere
5.6.5 IBM Business Partnering Strategy
5.6.6 IBM Strategic Priorities
5.6.7 IBM BPM Powered By Smart SOA
5.6.8 IBM Delivers Integration and Innovation to Clients
5.6.9 IBM Business Model
5.6.10 IBM Unified Communications In The Cloud Architecture
5.6.11 IBM LotusLive Cloud-Based Portfolio Of Social Networking And Collaboration Services
5.6.12 IBM Revenue
5.6.13 IBM Full-Year 2009 Revenue
5.6.14 IBM Q1 2009 Revenue
5.6.15 IBM Q2 2009 Revenue
5.6.16 IBM Software Capabilities
5.6.17 IBM Systems and Technology Capabilities
5.6.18 IBM Worldwide Organizations
5.6.19 IBM Integrated Supply Chain
5.6.20 IBM Security
5.7 Microsoft
5.7.1 Microsoft Client Businesses
5.7.2 Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 launching in Q4
5.7.3 Microsoft Office Web Apps Planner Brings Documents to the Cloud
5.7.4 Microsoft Windows Platform Devices
5.7.5 Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7
5.7.6 Microsoft Office Applications
5.7.7 Microsoft Dynamics GP
5.7.8 Microsoft Dynamics GP
5.7.9 Microsoft Dynamics GP Financial Accounting And Business Management Solution
5.7.10 Microsoft Corporation
5.7.11 Microsoft Azure Services Platform
5.7.12 Microsoft Windows Azure
5.7.13 Microsoft Live Services
5.7.14 Microsoft SQL Services
5.7.15 Microsoft .NET Services
5.7.16 Microsoft® SharePoint® Services & Dynamics® CRM Services
5.7.17 Microsoft Revenue Nine Months 2009
5.7.18 Microsoft Revenue
5.7.19 Microsoft Segment Revenue
5.7.20 Microsoft Segment Revenue2008
5.7.21 Microsoft Client Revenue
5.7.22 Microsoft Server and Tools Revenue
5.7.23 Microsoft Online Services Business Revenue
5.7.24 Microsoft Business Division Revenue
5.7.25 Microsoft Entertainment and Devices Division
5.7.26 Microsoft Competition
5.7.27 Microsoft Security Vulnerabilities
5.7.28 Microsoft Client Segment
5.7.29 Microsoft Segments
5.7.30 Open Text Livelink ECM Integration Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
5.7.31 Microsoft Multinational Computer Technology
5.7.32 Selected Microsoft Partners
5.7.33 Microsoft Financials 2008
5.7.34 Microsoft Software Products
5.8 RedHat

List of Tables

Table ES-1
Office Productivity Suite Market Driving Forces
Figure ES-2
Client Based Office Productivity Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2009
Figure ES-3
Client Office Productivity Software Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2010-2016
Table 1-1
Office Productivity Software Products And Services
Table 1-2
Team Based Productivity Tools
Figure 1-3
Cloud Computing Hole of the Internet
Table 2-1
Office Productivity Suite Market Driving Forces
Figure 2-2
Client Based Office Productivity Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2009
Figure 2-3
Client Based Office Productivity Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2009
Figure 2-4
Client Office Productivity Software Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2010-2016
Figure 2-5
Client Office Productivity Software Market Forecasts, Units, Worldwide, 2010-2016
Table 2-6
Client Based Office Productivity Suite Market Forecasts Units and Dollars, Worldwide, 2010-2016
Table 2-7
Office Productivity Software Piracy Rates, 2009
Figure 2-8
Office Productivity Software Piracy Rates, 2009
Table 2-9
Notebooks Market Shares, 2009
Table 2-10
Desktop Market Shares 2009
Figure 2-11
Client PC Market Shipments Forecasts Units, Worldwide, 2010-2016
Figure 2-12
Installed Base Client Computers
Figure 2-13
Installed Base Office Productivity Software
Figure 2-14
Client PC, Laptop, and Notebook Shipment Market Forecasts Units, Worldwide, 2010-2016
Figure 2-15
Client Office Productivity Regional Market Segments, Dollars, 2009
Table 2-16
Client Office Productivity Regional Market Segments, Dollars, 2009
Figure 3-1
Microsoft Word Editing And Reviewing Tools
Table 3-2
Microsoft Word Task Optimization Positioning
Figure 3-3
Microsoft Office Word Compares Two Versions Of Document
Figure 3-4
Microsoft Office Word Digital Signature
Table 3-5
Microsoft Office Word Formats
Table 3-6
Microsoft Office Word Top 10 Benefits
Table 3-7
Microsoft Office Excel Benefits
Table 3-8
Microsoft Spreadsheet Analysis Functions
Table 3-9
Microsoft Office Excel and Excel Services
Table 3-10
Microsoft Office Excel Top 10 Benefits
Table 3-11
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Features
Table 3-12
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Functions
Figure 3-13
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Presentation
Table 3-14
Microsoft Effectively Supports Sharing Presentations
Table 3-15
Microsoft Manages Efficient Presentation
Figure 3-16
Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Table 3-17
Office PowerPoint Advantages
Table 3-18
Microsoft Office Access SOA Web Services
Figure 3-19
Microsoft Office Access Library Of Prebuilt Database Solutions
Table 3-20
Microsoft Office Access Database Solutions Features
Table 3-21
Microsoft Office Access Database Solutions Functions
Table 3-22
Microsoft Office SharePoint Web Collaboration
Table 3-23
Microsoft Office Access Top 10 Benefits
Table 3-24
Microsoft Publisher Features
Table 3-25
Microsoft Personalizes Publications And Marketing Materials
Table 3-26
Microsoft Office Visio Solutions Features
Table 3-27
Microsoft Visio Features
Table 3-28
Microsoft Visio Image Features
Table 3-29
Microsoft Office Visio Features:
Table 3-30
Microsoft Office Visio Top 10 Benefits
Table 3-31
Microsoft Office Communicator R2 Top Benefits
Table 3-32
Microsoft Office Groove Functions
Figure 3-33
Microsoft Office Groove Access
Figure 3-33
Microsoft Office Groove Access Features
Table 3-34
Microsoft Office Project Features
Table 3-35
Microsoft Office Project Functions
Table 3-36
Microsoft Office Publisher Functions
Table 3-37
Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer Features
Table 3-38
IBM Lotus Office Productivity Design Featured Capabilities
Table 3-39
IBM Lotus Processes
Table 3-40
IBM Lotus Benefits
Table 3-41
IBM Lotus Domino Designer Features
Table 3-42
IBM Lotus SmartSuite 9.8: Desktop Tools
Table 3-43
IBM Lotus Office Productivity Design Enhanced Business
User Experience Features
Table 3-44
IBM Lotus Office Productivity Design Security
Table 3-45
IBM Lotus Office Productivity Messaging & Collaboration
Table 3-46
IBM Lotus Office Productivity Portals & Mashups Features
Table 3-47
IBM Lotus Office Social Software Productivity Modules
Table 3-48
IBM Lotus Forms Management Positioning
Table 3-49
IBM Middleware Solutions for E-Forms and Records Management
Table 3-50
IBM Lotus Word Benefits
Table 3-51
IBM Lotus SmartSuite Benefits
Table 3-52
IBM Lotus Workflow Functions
Table 3-53
IBM Lotus Workflow Features
Table 3-54
IBM Lotus Workflow Benefits
Table 3-55
IBM Lotus Web Content Management Features
Table 3-56
IBM Lotus Web Content Management Features
Table 3-57
IBM Lotus Web Content Management Benefits
Table 3-58
IBM Lotus Quickr Benefits
Table 3-59
IBM Lotus Quickr Features
Table 3-60
IBM Lotus Organizer Features
Table 3-61
IBM Lotus Organizer Product Features
Table 3-62
IBM Lotus Connections Social Software For Business Functions
Table 3-63
IBM Lotus Connections Functions
Table 3-64
IBM Lotus Connections Wikis
Table 3-65
IBM Lotus Community Functions
Table 3-66
Lotus Connections Software Integrated Components:
Table 3-66
IBM Alloy For Integration Of SAP Featured Capabilities
Table 3-67
Corel WordPerfect Office Features
Table 3-68
Corel WordPerfect Office File Sharing
Table 3-69
Corel WordPerfect Office PDF Support
Table 3-70
Corel WordPerfect Office Tools
Table 3-71
Corel WordPerfect Office Productivity Features
Table 3-72
Wordperfect® x5 Word Processing Document Features
Table 3-73
Corel Quattro Pro® Spreadsheets
Table 3-74
Corel WordPerfect Office Presentations™ Slideshows
and Presentations
Table 3-75
Corel WordPerfect Office Nuance PaperPort Document
Scanning, Imaging and Management
Table 3-76
Corel Mozilla® Thunderbird® f WordPerfect® Office -
Email Management
Table 3-77
Corel® WordPerfect® Lightning™ - Digital Notebook
Table 3-78
Avaya Agile Unified Communications Applications
Table 3-79
Cisco Unified Communications Products
Table 3-80
Cisco Unified Expert Advisor
Table 3-81
Cisco Unified Communications Positioning
Table 3-82
Cisco Unified Personal Communicator
Table 3-83
Cisco Mobile Applications
Table 3-84
Cisco Unified Communications Solutions
Table 3-85
Cisco Telepresence Products
Table 3-86
IBM Lotus Office Unified Communications
Table 3-87
IBM Lotus Collaboration Software Products By Category
Table 3-88
IBM Lotus Collaboration Software Products By Category
Table 4-1
TigerLogic XDMS Architecture
Table 4-2
Web Services and SOA Tier Architecture
Figure 4-3
TigerLogic XDMS Multi-Schema Engine Architecture
Figure 4-4
TigerLogic XDMS -SOA Engine Architecture
Table 4-5
Registry Engine
Table 4-6
Google Dynamic Architecture
Figure 4-7
Microsoft .Net Dynamic Definition of Reusable Modules
Figure 4-8
Microsoft .NET Compiling Source Code into Managed Assemblies
Figure 4-9
Microsoft Architecture Dynamic Modular Processing
Table 4-10
Process Of SOA Implementation Depends On N-Dimensional Interaction Of Layers That Can Be Modeled by Business Analyst
Table 4-11
IBM SOA Business I Services Layers
Figure 4-12
IBM Smart SOA Continuum
Table 4-13
SOA Foundation Reference Architecture
Table 4-16
Business Components Chained Together To Comprise A Business Service
Table 4-17
Design Concerns For Integration System Architecture
Table 4-18
Soap-Based Web Service Production Environment Testing
Table 4-19
Metadata Repository
Table 4-20
Metadata Functions
Table 4-21
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Functions
Table 4-22
Integration Engine XML Processing Functions That Drive Business Process Electronically End-To-End
Table 4-23
Web Services Input Formats
Table 4-24
Web Services Output Formats
Table 4-25
Web Services Protocols
Table 5-1
Corel® PaintShop Photo® Pro X3 Functions
Table 5-2
Corel® VideoStudio® Pro X3 Features
Table 5-3
Corel WordPerfect Office Evolving Requirements Functions
Table 5-4
Corel WordPerfect Office Evolving Requirements Features
Table 5-5
Google Apps Messaging Functions
Table 5-6
Google PageRank Search Technology
Table 5-7
Google Hypertext-Matching Analysis Search Technology
Figure 5-8
Life span of a Google query
Table 5-9
Google AdSense Positioning
Figure 5-10
IBM SMB Partner Go to Market Approach
Table 5-11
IBM Strategic Priorities
Table 5-12
Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 Capabilities
Table 5-13
Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer References
Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer References
Table 5-14
Functions in Microsoft Dynamics GP
Table 5-15
Capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics GP:
Table 5-16
Microsoft Response to Security Vulnerabilities

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