China International Freight Forwarding Industry Report, 2012-2015

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China International Freight Forwarding Industry Report, 2012-2015 of Sino Market Insight forecasts that in 2015, China’s international freight forwarding business will account for approximately 31% of the total import-export value of foreign trade, with a compound average growth rate of 8.4%. 


China’s rapid economic growth has accelerated circulation of goods, information and services in the whole society, thus providing a broad market space for the development of cross-border logistics industry cored by international freight forwarding. From 1998 to 2011, China’s cross-border logistics industry witnessed an average annual growth rate of more than 10% in market scale. However, affected by the European debt crisis, foreign trade in 2012 showed contraction, and only a slight increase appeared in cross-border logistics market,with growth rate down to 5.0%, to RMB1.0916 trillion. 


In China, international freight forwarding mainly consists of ocean freight forwarding and air freight forwarding, of which, the former accounts for about 70% of the overall international freight forwarding market. At present, capacity surplus in shipping industry is still serious, coupled with the slow recovery in demand for cargo volume, the growth rate of international ocean freight forwarding market scale in 2012 will fall to a single digit. The international air freight forwarding market occupies a small proportion of 15%, accompanied by large fluctuations. 


Under the influence of increasing air cargo capacity, descending demand produced by economic recession in the U.S. and Europe, plus high aviation fuel prices, the international air freight forwarding market remained in recession in 2012. 


This report contains five chapters and 69 charts, mainly covering the market size, competitive landscape and future trends of China’s international freight forwarding & logistics industry, as well as basic operation, financial indicators, recent developments, etc. of 40 key international freight forwarding companies in China.

Table Of Contents


1. Macro-Economic Environment in China, 2011-H1 2012

1.1 China's GDP
1.2 Fixed Investment
1.3 Industrial Development
1.4 Import and Export Environments
1.5 Per Capita Disposable Income of Urban and Rural Households
1.6 Engel Coefficient
1.7 Macroeconomic Forecast, 2012-2013E

2. Basic Situation of International Freight Forwarding Industry

2.1 Definition and Classification
2.2 Laws and Regulations
2.3 Policies

3. Development of China’s Foreign Trade

3.1 Import-Export Growth: Slow and Increasingly Stable
3.2 Electromechanical Products See Steadily Improved Proportion in Export, Export Commodity Structure is Further Optimized
3.3 Significant Differentiation in Exports to Developed Countries, Fast Growth in Exports to Emerging Markets
3.4 Good Import-Export Momentum for Private Enterprises, General Trade Growing Faster than Processing Trade
3.5 Central-Western Region’s Export Sustains Rapid Growth, Eastern Region Export Growth Eases

4. China’s International Freight Forwarding & Logistics Market Size

4.1 Industry Scale
4.2 Competition
4.3 Top50 Freight Forwarding & Logistics Companies in China in 2011
4.4 Top20 Ocean Freight Forwarding & Logistics Companies in China in 2011
4.5 Top20 Air Freight Forwarding & Logistics Companies in China in 2011
4.6 Top20 Land Freight Forwarding & Logistics Companies in China in 2011
4.7 China’s International Freight Forwarding Industry Scale, 2012-2015E
4.7.1 China’s Cross-Border Logistics Market Size, 2011-2015
4.7.2 China’s International Ocean Freight Forwarding Market Size, 2011-2015
4.7.3 China’s International Air Freight Forwarding Market Size, 2011-2015

5. Operation of China’s International Freight Forwarding & Logistics Companies

5.3 CMST
5.4 DHL-Sinotrans
5.5 Sinosteel Shipping & Forwarding
5.8 CND Logistics
5.9 Kerry Logistics
5.10 Zhenhua Logistics
5.11 Centrans Ocean Shipping Logistics Group
5.12 China Railway United Logistics
5.13 ChinaTrans International Limited
5.14 Shanghai Asian Development international Transportation Pudong
5.15 Bondex Logistics Co., Ltd.
5.16 Orient international Logistics (Holding) Co., Ltd
5.17 Tianjin Tianbao international Logistics Group Co., Ltd.
5.18 Comtrans
5.19 Jiangsu Uniwill Logistics
5.20 Cargo Services
5.21 SIPG Logistics
5.22 Worldwide Logistics Group
5.23 KWE China
5.24 Keyun Group
5.25 Lianyungnang Dongda International Transport
5.26 Minsheng International Freight
5.27 Grandsky Global Logistics
5.28 CYTS Cargo
5.29 New Times International Transport Service Co., Ltd.
5.30 SDV Shanghai
5.31 Ningbo Youngor International Trade & Transportation
5.32 Nippon Express (China)
5.33 Yunde
5.34 Qingdao Ocean & Great Asia Logistics
5.35 CRIMT
5.36 Jiangsu Feiliks International Logistics Co., Ltd.
5.37 Ningbo Port Southeast Logistics
5.38 Xiamen Superchain Logistics
5.39 Harmony
5.40 Guangxi Chaoda Transportation Group Co., Ltd.


List Of Figures


GDP in China, 2010-2012

GDP in China, 2009-2013

Urban Fixed Investment Nationwide, 2002-2012

YoY Growth Rate of Added Value of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size, 2000-2012

YoY Growth Rate of Export Delivery Value in China, 2008-2012

Total Import & Export Value and Growth Trend in China, 2001-2012

Import & Export Growth and Balance in China, 2001-2012

Total Import and Export Value by Country (Region), Jul. 2012

Per Capita Disposable Income of Urban Households in China, 1985-2011

Engel Coefficient of Urban and Rural Households in China

Forecast of Main Macroeconomic Indicators in China, 2012-2013E

China’s Total Import-Export Value, 2003-2012

China’s Export Commodity Structure, 2003-2012

Trade between China and its Principal Trade Partners, 2012

China’s Import-Export Trade Modes, 2012

Foreign Trade Situation of Eastern, Central and Western China, 2010-2012

China’s Cross-Border Logistics Market Size, 2007-2012

China’s International Ocean Freight Forwarding Market Size, 2007-2012

China’s International Air Freight Forwarding Market Size, 2007-2012

Advantages and Disadvantages of China’s International Freight Forwarding & Logistics Competitors

China’s Cross-Border Logistics Market Size, 2011-2015E

China’s International Ocean Freight Forwarding Market Size, 2011-2015E

China’s International Air Freight Forwarding Market Size, 2011-2015E

Revenue of SINOTRANS&CSC, 2006-2011

Revenue of COSFRE, 2006-2012

Revenue of CMST, 2006-2012

Revenue of DHL-Sinotrans by Product, 2010-2012

Business Network of SSF

Revenue of SSF, 2006-2012

Revenue of JCTRANS, 2006-2012

Revenue of CRIFFD, 2008-2012

Revenue of CND Logistics, 2006-2012

Revenue of Kerry Logistics, 2006-2012

Revenue of Zhenhua Logistics, 2006-2012

Centrans Liner Sketch Map

Revenue of Centrans, 2006-2012

Revenue of RUL, 2006-2012

Revenue of Huayun, 2006-2012

ADP’s Existence Around the Globe

Revenue of Asian Development International Transportation, 2006-2012

Revenue of Bondex, 2006-2012

Revenue of Orient International Logistics, 2006-2012

Revenue of Tianbao, 2006-2012

Revenue of Comtrans, 2006-2012

Revenue of Jiangsu Uniwill Logistics, 2006-2012

Revenue of Cargo Services, 2006-2012

Revenue of SIPG Logistics, 2006-2012

Revenue of Worldwide Logistics Group, 2006-2012

Revenue of KWE China, 2006-2012

Revenue of Keyun, 2006-2012

Revenue of Dongda International Transport, 2006-2012

Revenue of Minsheng International, 2006-2012

Revenue of GSL, 2006-2012

Revenue of CYTS Cargo, 2006-2012

Revenue of NTS, 2006-2012

Revenue of SDV Shanghai, 2006-2012

Revenue of Youngor, 2007-2011

Revenue of Nippon Express (China), 2008-2012

Revenue of YUNDE, 2006-2012

Revenue of GACOSCO, 2006-2012

Revenue of CRIMT, 2006-2012

Business Overview of Feiliks

Revenue of Feiliks, 2006-2012

Revenue of Ningbo Port Southeast Logistics, 2006-2012

Oversea Network of Superchain

Revenue of Superchain, 2006-2012

Oversea Network of Harmony

Revenue of Harmony, 2006-2012

Revenue of Chaoda Transptation Group by Product, 2006-2012

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