Carrefour in Poland: Local Profile, 2013

Category : Consumer Goods  | Published Date : Jul-2013 | Pages : 24
This is a detailed report covering Carrefour’s store formats, private labels, history, key employees, and key financial and operational metrics in Poland.
The report provides a comprehensive analysis of Carrefour’s operations in Poland and is an essential tool to gain a detailed understanding of the company’s local operations. The report presents Carrefour’s strategy, which is essential in understanding the direction of the company in the coming years. A unique table that presents the information of major retailers in Poland. It provides information on the retailers’ store banners, country of origin, store count, and the year of inception in Poland. An insightful analysis of Carrefour in Poland, providing details of its store formats, private labels, history, news, key employee biographies, and key financial and operational metrics. The report provides market share data for Carrefour and its key competitors in Poland. Additionally, it presents investment strategies of the company’s key competitors, and this information is essential to gain an understanding of the market.
Why was the report written? This is a comprehensive report covering Carrefour’s operations in Poland. It offers an insightful analysis of the company and details of its store formats, private labels, history, news, key employees, and key financial and operational metrics.The report also presents market shares and investment strategies of the company’s key local competitors. What is the current market landscape and what is changing? Poland has been one of the prime investing destinations for foreign retailers in Europe. However, the current unstable macroeconomic conditions have negatively affected consumption rates, pushing retailers to adopt new strategies to foment growth as consumers continue to rationalize their spending. What makes this report unique and essential to read? The report provides detailed information on Carrefour’s operations and strategy in Poland. Additionally, it presents market shares and investment strategies of the company’s key competitors in the country.
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Unstable macroeconomic conditions and the global slowdown will continue to have an impact on retail sales in the country. Increased unemployment would put pressure on the consumption rates, forcing consumers to focus on necessary spending, thereby impacting luxury purchases in the country.
1 Introduction
1.1 What is the report about?
1.2 Scope
1.3 Methodology
2 Carrefour Polska – Company Profile
2.1 Business Description
2.1.1 Store formats
2.1.2 Private labels
2.1.3 Services offered at stores
2.2 Awards and Recognitions
2.2.1 Awards
3 Carrefour Polska – Key Information
3.1 Financial Performance
3.2 Operational Performance
3.2.1 Store count
3.2.2 Sales per store
3.2.3 Sales per square meters
3.3 Key Employees
4 Carrefour Polska – Corporate Strategy
4.1 Changing Economics Drives a Change in Approach
5 Competitive Environment
5.1 Major Food Retailers in Poland
5.2 Revenues of Major Food Retailers in Poland
6 Investment and Expansion Plans of Competitors
6.1 Jeronimo Martins
6.2 E.Leclerc
6.3 Lidl
6.4 Tesco
7 Appendix
7.1 Carrefour Polska – News
7.2 Events and History
7.3 About Canadean
7.4 Disclaimer
List of TablesTable 1: Ratio Definitions
Table 2: Carrefour Polska, Key Facts
Table 3: Carrefour Polska, Store Formats
Table 4: Carrefour Polska, Key Employees
Table 5: Carrefour Polska, Key Employee Biographies
Table 6: Major Food Retailers in Poland
Table 7: Revenues of Major Food Retailers in Poland, 2012
List Of FiguresFigure 1: Hypermarket Store
Figure 2: Carrefour Market Store
Figure 3: Carrefour Express Store
Figure 4: Private Label
Figure 5: Carrefour Polska – Revenues (US$ Million), 2008–2012
Figure 6: Carrefour Polska – Store Count, 2008–2012
Figure 7: Carrefour Polska – Sales per Store, 2008–2012
Figure 8: Carrefour Polska – Sales per square meter (US$ Million), 2008–2012
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