Market Focus: Trends and Developments in the Fragrances Sector in Australia

Category : Healthcare  | Published Date : Aug-2013 | Pages : 24
This report provides a concise overview of the Fragrances market in Australia. After reading this report, you will understand the size of the market, the economic, demographic, and behavioural trends that will drive its evolution and the leading players within the market, allowing you to plan effectively for the future.
Analysis of consumer behaviour, economic conditions, and demography reveals emerging opportunities in the Fragrances sector. Key growth categories are highlighted by analyzing the market dynamics of three Fragrances categories. Market shares are provided for the leading brands across Fragrances categories. An overview of packaging trends in the Australian Fragrances sector is provided, including primary packaging material and type, packaging closures, and outer packaging.
Why was the report written? This overview of the consumer and market dynamics of the Australian Fragrances sector allows new entrants and established players to gain rapid and comprehensive insight into the current state of the market, and identify the key trends that will drive growth in the coming years. What is the current market landscape and what is changing? Female fragrances is expected to beat the Male and Unisex categories between 2007 and 2017 in terms of market share. Australian dollar versus the US dollar fell rapidly during the second half of 2008, and then grew rapidly during 2009. This has caused volatile growth in the Australian Fragrances market in US$ terms, even though volumes have grown at a relatively constant rate. What are the key drivers behind recent market changes? Australia's population is aging, which is not a positive sign for the fragrances sector that thrives on the indulgent nature of young adult age groups. Additionally, is becoming a more multi-cultural society due to immigration, resulting in a varying mix in the demand for fragrance products. Beauty and health are becoming increasingly important for Australian consumers as the Fragrances sector evolves to take into account the pressures on consumer spending, and rising awareness of ethics and responsibility. What makes this report unique and essential to read? This report brings together consumer insight and market data to provide a comprehensive brief of the Australian Fragrances sector. This allows for the rapid identification of key growth opportunities across three Fragrances categories and their packaging.
The Health and Beauty industry in Australia comprises four major distribution channels: pharmacies, specialist retailers, department stores, and supermarkets. However, the majority of Health & Beauty sales in Australia are through Hypermarkets & Supermarkets. Australia's population is aging, which is not a positive sign for the fragrances sector that thrives on the indulgent nature of young adult age groups. Additionally, is becoming a more multi-cultural society due to immigration, resulting in a varying mix in demand for fragrance products. Female Fragrances will record the fastest value growth rate in the Australian fragrances sector and will be the largest category in terms of value during the period 2012-2017. Male and unisex fragrances are among the lowest value categories in the market, and are expected to register low growth rates between 2012 and 2017. While growth has been steady in local currency terms, closely matching volume growth, volatile exchange rates have added complexity to the market for international companies.
Country Context 
-          Australia's population is aging and becoming increasingly multi-cultural
-          Health and Beauty growth will be concentrated in national chains
-          Hypermarkets & Supermarkets are a preferred option across mostly all market categories, fragrances being an exception
-          The Australian consumer aims for beauty but is also health conscious
-          Ethical consumerism is an emerging trend in the Australian Fragrances market that is also witnessing new gender behaviors
Sector Analysis
-          Fluctuating exchange rates have added complexity to the Australian Fragrances market
-          Female fragrances continues to lead Australia’s fragrances market
-          Female fragrances to gain popularity over male and unisex fragrances
-          Male and unisex fragrances to register very low growth rates
-          Female Fragrances expected to gain on popularity amongst the Australian women
Key Brands
-          Key brands by category
Packaging Insight
-          Female Fragrances’ high volume share is creating demand for Glass Packaging and Dispenser Closures
-          Rising consumption of female fragrances will drive increase in packaging demand by 2017
Future outlook –key trends in Australian Fragrances sector
-          Growth in multi-cultural influences on fragrance products
-          The health-conscious consumer drives sales of “natural” perfumes
-          Fall in Australian Dollar may lead to increased sales in brick and mortar stores
-          Niche men’s fragrances developing a cult following
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