Market Focus: Trends and Developments in the Dairy Food Sector in Mexico

Category : Food & Beverages  | Published Date : Aug-2013 | Pages : 24
This report provides a concise overview of the Dairy Food market in Mexico. After reading this report, you will understand the size of the market, the economic, demographic, and behavioral trends that will drive its evolution and the leading players within the market, allowing you to plan effectively for the future.
Analysis of consumer behavior, economic conditions, and demography reveals emerging opportunities in the Dairy Food sector. Key growth categories are highlighted by analyzing the market dynamics of major Dairy Food categories. Market shares are provided for the leading brands and private label across Dairy Food categories. An overview of packaging trends in the Mexicans Dairy Food sector is provided, including primary packaging material and type, packaging closures, and outer packaging.
Why was the report written? This overview of the consumer and market dynamics of the Mexicans Dairy Food sector allows new entrants and established players to gain rapid and comprehensive insight into the current state of the market and identify the key trends that will drive growth in the coming years. What is the current market landscape and what is changing? The demographic factors such as an ageing population, urbanization and an emerging global middle class will influence the consumption of Dairy products in Mexico. Growing personal income will result in an increased awareness of Dairy Food consumption in Mexico, while Age-specific products support health concerns of different age groups. What are the key drivers behind recent market changes? Public awareness of healthy diets and nutrition has increased, driven by both government and private initiatives. Mexicans are showing a preference for “Better For You” Dairy Food products, by considering their health requirements. What makes this report unique and essential to read? This report brings together consumer insight and market data to provide a comprehensive brief of the Mexican Dairy Food sector. This allows for the rapid identification of key growth opportunities across major Dairy Food categories and their packaging.
Reasons To Buy
The growing number of city dwellers (urbanization) and growing middle class not only increased the awareness on the nutritional value of Dairy products among Mexican customers, but also improved their affordability for value added dairy products such as pasteurized, ultra-pasteurized, and specialized and fruit milk. Convenience Stores continue to dominate in all categories of Dairy Food Market, owing to the intense price discounting in the Milk category in order to bring customers footfall. Milk and Yogurt constitute almost two thirds of the packaging material demand in the Dairy Food market in 2012, driving a significant requirement for Rigid Plastic, Paper & Board, and Flexible packaging. Milk and Cheese are among the most valuable categories of the Mexicans Dairy Food market by value. Marketers are exploring new products targeted towards health-conscious consumers. The changing dynamics of Pudding/Dessert and Yogurt categories are driven by the preference for taste, flavor, and variety among Mexican customers.
Country context 
-          A young, relatively affluent group is growing in Mexico
-          Food & Grocery growth will be concentrated in national chains
-          Convenient Stores will account for the largest share of sales in the Dairy Market
-          Increase in urban and busy consumers looking for convenience
-          Growing Affordability of Dairy Products and age-specific benefits will drive consumption by Mexican Consumers
-          Mexico’s young consumers want indulgent yet healthy Dairy products
Sector Analysis
-          The Mexican Dairy market is expected register positive growth as exchange rates stabilize
-          Cheese and Yogurt will drive the overall Dairy sector
-          Cheese and Yogurt will increase their market share
-          The value of Dairy Food market is recovering from the 2009 currency devaluation, with Cheese to register highest growth
-          Milk and Cream will register lower growth compared to Cheese and Yogurt
-          A young and busy Mexican population drive the market for Yogurts and Puddings
Brands & Private Labels
-          Lower penetration of Private Label products in Mexican Dairy Food market
-          Key brands by category
-          Private Label penetration is above average in all the Major Dairy Food Categories
Packaging Insight
-          Growing demand for Dairy Food will drive the growth for Rigid Plastic and Paper & Board packaging
-          Rising consumption of Dairy Food products will drive changes in packaging demand by 2017
Future Outlook– four key trends in MexicansDairy Food sector
-          Young, affluent Mexicans will drive growth for processed dairy products
-          Consumers will continue to be more health conscious
-          Growing market for Indulgence products
-          Growing private label cheese products
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